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Curt Smith, Natchez, Ms - Mr. Young's home inspection gave me the peace of mine that I was looking for being a first-time home owner. He was fast, friendly, and above all professional. Thanks for your hard work!

Retha Scott, Natchez, Ms- When making one of life's most inportant decisions. It's great to have someone stand in your corner, thats looking  in your best interest.

I have been in my home for 4

I have been in my home for 4 years. I wish I had gotten Dale Young to inspect my house before I moved in. I discovered mold under my whirlpool bath. Therefore, I decided to have an inspection completed to see if there were any other “hidden” problems. Except for the mold and a few minor problems, my dream house seems to be in good shape. Now I have peace of mind knowing the results. Dale was extremely easy to work with and very comfortable to be around. He wanted, and didn’t mind, me tagging along behind him, asking questions. He was extremely thorough and provided solutions to problems presented. His report was easy to understand and included information on how to maintain a home. (I wish I had this when I bought the home.) I would recommend a home inspection before you buy a house. Find problems now, not later! Even though your house is new, you still need an inspection.

Marie Gasquet

I would recommend Young &

I would recommend Young & Son Home Inspection Service. I just recently purchased a new home and wanted an home inspection done before I closed on the new house. Mr. Dale was very thorough in his inspection. At the completion of his inspection, Mr. Dale asked for me to come to the house. He personally showed me all of his concerns and findings. I was also given a very detailed binder listing these findings including photos. Thanks to Mr. Dale's findings not only did I get the owner to fix the findings before our closing but I have a peace of mind the house is in good condition. I would recommend before purchasing your next home that you let Dale Young do a home inspection. It is definetly worth the small investment.

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